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Site Valery 01.15.2010

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, Steve!

You've filled my life with joy through your songs and I know that I can count on you to pull me through good times and bad like you've always have.

I hope you get what your heart desires this year and I love you, faithfully.

Site Heismnoxjeoms 11.14.2009
 I found this site using and i want to thank you for your work. You have done really very good site.

Great work, great site! Thank you!
Site Alaina 10.08.2009
 Hi Marie...

It's your Perry Sister from Myspace-Alaina. Just wanted to tell ya that I think your fansite for Steve is extraordinary! You have done a wonderful job! I will be checking in often! Thanks for doing this site for all of Steve's fans... I will be passing it along to others!
I look forward to hearing from you! In true friendship... Don't Stop... Journey On!

Hugs and Love! Alaina.
Site Alaina 10.06.2009
 I have been blown away by Steve Perry and his voice since the Infinity days of Journey!

The man has remained a true professional and gentleman for all of these years and is one of my greatest heros!

Steve, with or without Journey, has been in my life one way or another and has a place in my heart where no other shall dwell!

I am forever your Steve---Faithfully!
Site Good job ladies! (Theresa) 09.08.2009

My name is Theresa S. and I too am a Steve Perry fan.

I enjoyed your website very much and look forward to visiting again.
Site Karen Stickney 07.23.2009
 Have loved Steve Perry since he began with Journey in 78. Hopefully with all his fans love he will come back one more time.

I have to thank him for bringing me so many new friends that are always there for each other. They have let me put my head on their shoulder so many times. Thank you all! Love you all.

Site Karen Stickney 07.23.2009
 Thanks Marie for a wonderful fan site.

Steve Perry the voice, with the pipes over all others!
Wish he would come back to us.

Love, Karen.
Site Marcy McCall 03.23.2009
 Well hello right back at ya Valery!!

Okay you; your not suppose to make me cry on Monday (ha ha). Thank you for your sweet words of friendship and I to am addicted to you my friend. Steve Perry has brought a lot of great people together and you have turned out to be one of my very best friends. So with you I gladly share this man (ha ha) and I want you to know I love you just the same.

Your loyal Perry wife-in-law Marcy.
Site Valery F. 03.23.2009
 Hello, Marcy! It's Valery!

Through the Love of Steve Perry, I met this wonderful human being (Marcy) and stuck to her like glue & I want to say thank you Steve Perry for allowing your music to create such a great friendship that I'm sure - will endure throughout the years! It's like we already knew each other!

And I want to thank all my other Steve Perry Family Friends that I have, everywhere!

Love, Valery - A Perry Sis!
Site PerryLuv4Ever (Maria) 02.02.2009
 Just been informed by friends to write Steve Perry could be 100 yrs old, in a wheel chair, and still be sexy. Amen to that.

Hope you had a wonderful B.Day Steve.

And thanks again Marie for a stupindas job on this Fan Site!
Site PerryLuv4Ever (Maria) 02.02.2009
 I go bonkers over Steve. Love him to death. No picture, no song, no video can fill our void it will do for now, but we miss you. Steve please come back to sing for us.

Thanks Marie for this site.

Everyone have a Perrylicious Day!
Site Carly 01.30.2009

What great work you've done on this awesome site, dedicated to "The Angel's Voice"!

How wonderful, and what an honor it is that his fans still come together to praise him.

Whether or not Mr. Perry chooses to "come back" in 2009 is a decision only he can make. And, whatever it is, I respect it. I've said this many times before, I'm just very grateful for the magic, and memories his music has broungt to my life.

I usually don't memention this, but after emergency open heart surgery 5 months ago, the only thing that helped "calm" me during those first hours after it, was his music. My sister had her hubby run home and grab my ipod. The minute they put it on me and turned it on, they played "Why Can't This Night Go On Forever" (my very favorite), and I guess I started to relax, and stoped pulling at tubes. The nurses couldn"t believe it. I don't remember, but I'm reminded by my family. Isn't it amazing, the power of music, his music. So, from my heart, thank you Mr. Perry, and may your life be filled with much love and happiness. Enjoy it!

And again KUDOS on a wonderful job!

Site Huguet 01.29.2009
 Hello Marie, me voici, chose promise, chose due.

Je savais que tu étais une fan, mais là c'est extraordinaire ce que tu as fait, vraiment génial ma belle.
Tu as raison, c'est un chanteur super méga génial.

Gros bisous ma belle. A très bientôt. Je pense à toi et j'espère que tu es heureuse.
Site Angie 01.29.2009
 Happy Birthday Steve! I hope you had a great one.

I have been a fan for many years but it recent years you have become my voice to turn to. I am not sure what it is about your voice but I am just in awe of it.

I hope you know you are greatly missed and we are awaiting your return to us. Even if you decide not to return to us please know how much you are loved.

I listen to you everyday. You make my day brighter when I hear you. As a matter of fact I work in the mall and we just got a new sound system in there now in the 15 some years i have work here i have never heard a Journey or Steve Perry song. I about fainted the other day when You Better Wait came over the speakers now i hear it everyday and it just makes my day better.

Thanks for all the great music you have given us.

With much love to you.

Site Valery F. 01.27.2009
 I'm 40 years old now but in 1981, you were my first crush, infatuation & love of music.

You filled so many parts of me with your soul! I will be reborn again if you give this world the delight of your heavenly voice again!
I fell in love with you & never fell out.
I never had a tattoo & never thought of getting one but I'm tempted of getting one of your beautiful face.
(My husband of 15 years, may get upset because he has my name on his arm but he'll have to deal with it!)

I love you, forever more!

Forever Yours... Valery.
Site Marcy McCall 01.26.2009
 Hello everyone!

My name is Marcy and I've been in love with Steve Perry for the past 28 years and counting. I've grown up with his music and its a very important part of my life. I've not met the man....YET, but someday lord willing I will. He is apart of my everyday life and he gets me through the day. I'm so thankful for my "myspace Perry friends" you are all one in a million and I appreciate your friendship.

I just hope Steve knows just how much his fans love him and how much I love him!!
Site Marcy McCall 01.26.2009
 I've been a Steve Perry fan for over half my life and counting. His voice is a gift from God and I'm so very thankful for him.
I listen to his music everyday and it gets me through any situation I'm going through.
My goal is to meet this man one day and tell him what he means to me.

I love you so much Stephen Ray Perry.

Thank you for everything you give to your fans.
Site Allyson 01.26.2009
 Wow, great site!!! Thanks for leading me this way.

I hope that Steve did have the best b.d. I hope he can see all of our messages and know that he is still so loved very much!!!

Allyson (Baltimore, md.).
Site Cindy - LOM59 01.26.2009
 I hope you had a wonderful and love filled birthday!

As others have already stated more eloquently that I, your voice has lifted me up in times of deep despair and served as the soundtrack during some of my most special life events.
Your gift of music is deeply appreciated by those of us who don't have the gift but certainly know when it has touched us in a special way.
As a musician you understand when the music speaks to you and yours has had much to say and I, along with millions of others, have heard you loud and clear.
We need to hear you again and continue our healing.
It ihas been far too long since you have allowed your joy of music to come forward and heal our pain and yours as well.
I hope that you are happy and healthy.
I wish you love, peace and contentment.
Your fans have always been faithful and patient. We are waiting for you to heal and find your music once again.

I love you, Steve!
Site Cindy 01.25.2009
 Marie, what exactly do you need as far as anything Steve?

I might be able to help you out. I have pictures galore, stories to tell and anything you need is at your disposal. Let me know babe.

Site Elaine 01.25.2009
 This Is an awesome site for our Steve... You did a great job on It.

If Steve ever reads the messages from his fans...

Steve we Love and miss you. Hope to hear something from you soon. If not I'll still love you just the same...

I hope you had a great birthday.

Hugs, Elaine.
Site Desiree 01.25.2009
 Steve, as you can tell I like all the others have been very touched by your extraordinary musical talents all these years. We have been beat up, told to move on, except the new, and we are living in the past.

How do you begin to explain to anyone how you have touched our life's? How you brought us happiness, made us cry, and brought us to levels of in enjoyment others just don't seem to understand. For some reason it's a soul connection we have with you, you reach a depth of our souls only we understand with your song's, your voice, and your presence we have shared a relationship with you for some 30 years. That connection will never die or be replaced by the next to new act, that comes along.

I will stay with my new or old Steve Perry music til my dieing day! And they do know what to play.

How do you thank someone for adding so much happiness to your life? And express yourself like no one has in the past? I don't know, just that I am speaking from my heart and my one wish in this life is to meet the man that saved me a million times in my life.

We have Perry brothers and sisters and we bond together to defend the one true voice we all love and admire and cherish today. To us you are "The Voice" and always and forever will be the voice to millions of us out here waiting! Faithfully.
Site dancindiana 01.25.2009
 Keep it rockin' and don't stop believin'!!

We miss and love you, Steve!
Site Cindy 01.25.2009
 Stephen, if you happen to see this, you are THE MOST AMAZING singer and man on this Earth. You are a gift from GOD.

We miss you and want you to grace the microphone just one more time if you can. We are all FAITHFULLY YOURS FOREVER!

Turning 60 I know is tough, but you still look hot and you are still sexy, you can't go wrong. You still have those eyes to die for and that smile of yours knocks me off my feet. Growing old gracefully is not my idea of fun either, I turned 50 last year and I felt the same way. But we get better, we are like fine wine...

You were always FINE. And I have seen you at present and you still are HOT BBBBBBABY! You still make my heart pound and I look at you and I just get weak.

Hope your birthday was special and you had a great one.

Love you always.......
Site Paula Gomes (hawaiianlady) 01.25.2009
 Marie-France... You rock Lady... Your awesome and I absolutely love this Site...
Site Paula Gomes (hawaiianlady) 01.25.2009
 Mr. Steven Ray Perry absolutely, positively, totally rocks my world!! There is no one like Him, he is definitely one in a million...

Somewhere there's hope that I will meet Him one day and he will be a part of my life...!!!!!!!!!
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