News 017  07.01.2010: 

 Remember Michael Jackson "Already A Year" 
Steve was contacted by various media outlets for his thoughts on the untimely death of Michael Jackson. What are some of your memories of working with Michael Jackson on "We Are The World"? Steve Perry was originally contacted by Lionel Richie's manager, who told that Lionel & Michael had written a song called "We Are The World" for a project they were doing together called U.S.A. For Africa. He wanted to know if I was interested in joining the choir with many other recording artists. I said, "Sure...that would be fantastic!" The next thing I knew I was at A&M studios in Hollywood in a room full of so many artists that I grew up with and admired.
News 016  01.22.2010: 

 Happy birthday Steve! 
I wish you a great birthday, dear Steve! I hope it will be a nice and special day for you. And, another time, don't worry; you still look hot, you are still sexy and you still make my heart pound!
News 015  01.18.2010: 

 Fansite's new version! 
Version 1.3 is online. The forum has been delated and all its messages have been placed in the rubric Comments cause of "pollution" by inappropriate advertiser messages, like in the Guestbook before...
News 014  01.01.2010: 

 Happy new year! 
Happy new year 2010 ! Each new year is devoted and reserved to enhance this fansite for you, Steve, from a fan with a faithful heart... "Foolish Heart".
News 013  12.22.2009: 

 Fansite's first birthday! 
Here is already the fansite's first birthday! It has been visited by a little more than 1100 fans, an average of 3 ones per day. Thanks to all! I hope you like it and you'll come back soon to see it again.
News 012  10.16.2009: 

 Fansite's new version! 
Version 1.2 is online. The Gallery has been customized and few new photos has been added.
News 011  09.02.2009: 

 Fansite's new version! 
Version 1.1 is online. The Guestbook has been replaced by the rubric Comments cause of "pollution" by inappropriate advertiser messages...
News 010  06.17.2009: 

 Journey's concert! 
On the 16th of June 2009, at 8pm, i was present to Journey's concert at the Bataclan. The group and its young lead singer, Arnel Pineda, made us vibrate and dance during 2 hours. A great magique and amazing moment! I've been even able to be very near from the group's members, when they was joining their bus to go to Amsterdam for their next concert. A short passage in Paris then, in a small auditorium, opposite to the Palais des sports in 1979, when Steve was their lead singer...
News 009  03.21.2009: 

 A playlist! 
Addition of a new rubric Playlist. This playlist from will be regularly changed.
News 008  02.22.2009: 

 Petition for the RnR! 
In April, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, in Cleveland, will be inducting new artists, but unfortunately not Journey, neither Steve Perry! To make sure it will be done next year, sign the petition wich will be sent to John Landau, the chairman of the nominating committee. So far, there are more than 13 000 signatures! Mine is 13648. They simply cannot turn a blind eye to that document!
News 007  01.22.2009: 

 Happy birthday Steve! 
Happy birthday Steve! This french fansite is my present!
Cadeau Gâteau
News 006  01.15.2009: 

 The official website... 
Good news! A message on the official website confirm my proposal ; its remodeling is currently under way. We'll be glad to discover the result, probably for Steve's birthday!
News 005  01.09.2009: 

 Almost 60 years old! 
Don't forget Steve's birthday on the 22nd of january! Here he's at doors of his sixth decennary... But he's still as well pretty, gorgeous and gifted!
News 004  01.08.2009: 

 No more official website? 
I discovered the official website is no more accessible... It look like all the website is no more on the server. A change of Web server or the making of a new version would be under way?
News 003  01.02.2009: 

 A new CD! 
This news will enrapture everybody; a new CD from Steve is out in january! It's alas only a new compilation of 14 titles stemming from 3 previous solos albums:
Playlist: The Very Best Of Steve Perry.
You can see détails of it in the Discography page...
News 002  01.01.2009: 

 Happy new year! 
I wish to all fans and to their kinfolk a happy new year 2009 and still alot of good moments in listening the Steve's angel voice!
News 001  12.22.2008: 

 Putting on-line of the fansite! 
It's done! Here is the first french fansite about Steve Perry!
After three blogs, of which one about Journey, at last i get into a fansite exclusively dedicated to my favorite melodic rock's symbol - Steve Perry, the one man that melted our hearts for so long and still melts us - with hope to make better known this soprano singer. This fansite has been inaugurated exactly one month before the 60th Steve's birthday! ;-)
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